Shanghai's urban development history museum

Shanghai’s urban development history museum is located in the Oriental Pearl Television Tower, it is a pictorial representation of the centenary changes of Shanghai modern history, enclosing 1, 0000 square metres of exhibition space, A visit to the museum is also time-consuming.

Shanghai's urban development history museum

The museum collect and collate all kinds of historical relics more than 300 pieces. It adopt the methods of scene display, supported by high-tech. The museum gathers historical relics, stage property, model in an organic whole. It is also a combination of history, culture and appreciation. Visiting Shanghai’s urban development history museum is running through history, the audience can subtly savor Shanghai with unique history culture heritages.

There’s six main parts of the entire museum:

Cars and horses in the spring and autumn

By displaying land vehicles of different ages, it truly records the development history of Shanghai’s traffic.

Urban and rural landscape

This image shows commercial phenomenon and folk custom in Shanghai old city area during Ming and Qing dynasties.

Glance of Shanghai port opening and trading

Revealing the change of Shanghai’s urban visage due to Shanghai was open to the outside world. The entire image also reveals the daily life of different social classes.

Ten Miles of Luxury

Revealing the track of Shanghai growing rapidly into a significant city in the Far East.

Sea traces of the past

This scene reappears Shanghai’s former glory in a century

The “Exhibition of the world’s Architecture”

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