The ultimate trendy man took passer-by breath away

ultimate trendy man_01

September 16, I took photographs of a fashionable trendy man in the streets of Beijing. All who saw the trendy man were shocked by his dress and personal temperament. When he was there, as if the whole street became his T stage show, the pass-by returned rate of 100%. It is the first time I saw the most stylish trendy man. I did not konw whether this man was in the fashion industry or in show business. By the way, the openings of his trousers are really brighter. Haha, when I organized this group of pictures, one word dwelled in my mind: you will never understand the mind of the trendy man, perhaps this is the driving force behind the development of fashion.

ultimate trendy man_01

ultimate trendy man_02

ultimate trendy man_03

ultimate trendy man_04

ultimate trendy man_05

ultimate trendy man_06

ultimate trendy man_07

ultimate trendy man_08

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