Guide County, Qinghai Province, is a 2,400-meter plateau ancient city. Zhacang spa is located 15 km from the Guide county, surface water temperatures average 40 degrees year-round, the highest water temperature of hot spring is up to 90 degrees;  Zhacang hot spring water quality is excellent, is said to have a significant effect, in particular, the men and women bathing customs handed down to us from our ancestors, let people feel very fresh and look forward to.

men and women bathing spa is local customs the past few years

mother and daughter in the treatment of rheumatism

they have been accustomed to an average of over 40 degrees water temperature

they are friendly to tell me: they came here every day, at least lasted a week

this guy is very generous and play a joke on me, of course I sent some small toiletries to return to their friendly

these people are queuing up to fill up hot spring water with thermos bottle , is said to be the treatment of gastropathy

young girls into the water is generally not take off clothes


after the bath the man

see me in the photo, guy friendly with a smile

woman bathed her feet in hot water, I tried, very hot, really comfortable

they don’t dodge my camera lens, this time I also have a sense of return to nature

high angle shot open-air outdoor bathing place

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